How much does it cost to make my spouse a legal resident?

Every case is different and the legal fees will vary. For example, someone who entered the U.S. on a tourist visa is different than a person who entered the U.S. without inspection. Our firm has flexible payment plans and we accept all major credit cards. Most of our fee agreements are based on a fixed fee price. This eliminates the possibility for billable time and the client knows exactly how much the case will cost from beginning to end.

How much does it cost to bring my fiancé from a different country?

All processing times vary. You can get more information on processing times by going to

Does your firm provide for payment plans?

Yes, most of our cases are accepted upon payment of a retainer and the balance is typically paid on a monthly installment plan with 0 interest.

How do I know if I need a lawyer?

Saving money is important, but having a good lawyer is even more important. Certain mistakes within the immigration realm can cause your filing fees to be forfeited. You should consult with different attorneys and go with the one that makes you feel comfortable.

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