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Client Testimonials

A&R Martinez, December 2019

My husband Audel and me want to thank you for everything you have done for us for being part of our journey, and helping us to be together here in the US. I’m pleased with the outcome and your handling of the case for your time and effort highly appreciated very professional and genuinely cares about His clients. I will gladly recommend your services to anyone that ever need it thank you again to you and your staff i forever love you guys.

Erica & Enrique, March 2010

We have had Arturo as our lawyer for quite some time now and have a lot of trust & faith in him. Since the first time we met him we felt he was trustworthy. We had paid many other lawyers to get consults about our case and they never really gave us hope. But Arturo was different, he went on and on and on about the different options we can do and gave us that feeling of hope. So far everything has been going great in our case, considering what could have happened to my husband, and even though our case is still in progress he has already done more than what we thought we could have done……..We have recommended him to SEVERAL family & friends and he has help them as well, so I definitely recommend.

Larry, March 2011

Mr. Benavidez is an excellent lawyer and outstanding person. He does not play games and will tell you how it is. He helped us with our bankruptcy by explaining the process, preparing our forms and he appeared at the bankruptcy hearing with us. In the end we got our discharge and we were debt free. I highly recommend you talk to Mr. Benavidez before you do it alone.

Martin, November 2019

Arturo is helping me with my immigration case through Consular Visa Process. He has been great, very responsive and attentive, he is also knowledgeable on many immigration issues. I have spoken with attorneys who sometimes couldn’t answer my questions. I recommend you speak with him if you are starting a case or currently have a case and need help.

Juliana, March 2013

My Husband and I just came to the end of our immigration case with the help of Arturo Benavidez Law Firm. We are very pleased with the service provided to us. We were very impressed with Mr. Benavidez motivation and energy to work with us and getting the work done. He always responded back quickly to our e-mails with answers to all of our questions. The packets for the interview in Ciudad Juarez could have not been better put together. I highly recommend Mr. Benavidez for your immigration case.
Thank you again Arturo Benavidez for your work and dedication.

Susan, February 2011

Very responsive to what we needed and the guys is just very nice. He made us feel human again, especially after dealing with creditors. He doesn’t call you back right away, but he did email me at all hours. If you have bankruptcy questions, call this guy.

James, June 2019

Professional, courteous, and timely. The Benavidez Law firm made the whole Bankruptcy process as stress free as possible. A pleasant experience considering the stressors of having to file for a BK.

Valerie, January 2010

Arturo and his staff helped us navigate through the bankruptcy process. His fee was reasonable and he was by our side every step of the way. We were able to keep our home and two cars. I was able to erase $22,000.00 in credit card debt. Thank you Arturo!

Joaquin, September 2011

Arturo is a good lawyer. He did a good job with our Chapter 7 case. He helped me because I was being sued for medical bills. I included my credit cards in my case and erased my debt. Thank you Mr. Arturo.

Viviana S., January 2020

Arturo is one of the most professional attorney I have ever dealt with! He is very intelligent and got my husband home! He is the best at what he does. He and all his office staff made us feel like family!!After going to a consulate appt. my husband was denied his residency but Arturo got him home. He was always in contact with us through my husband’s case via phone or email. All I can say is that I would recommend him to anyone who has an immigration case. He will definitely defend you! I have already recommended him too many people and I can’t express how thankful I am for him and his hard work. His office staff is very nice too! Marco helped us all out a lot. And all the waiting was worth every cent!

Chris, March 2014

Due to bad legal advice and scams by other attorneys 12 years ago, my wife had a deportation order issued against her. Arturo worked our very long and complicated case with persistence and patience. He was able to get the deportation order overturned and my wife a legal permanent resident status. My family stayed together and we no longer have to worry about any immigration issues breaking us apart. Working with Arturo was a great experience and I highly recommend his services.
Thank you for all your hard work Arturo.